Singapore – Light and Love Charity

It is the jolly season of the year again! On December 10, 2016, we held the third year of Christmas Party for our elderly at 318A. Along with our yearly theme ‘Christmas Fun Fun Fun’, we started the event by sharing the real meaning behind this joyous occasion with the elderly, followed by an array of ukulele, violin and dance performances put up by volunteers from the Light and Love Charity Interest Class. Then, we proceeded with a series of interaction games, with the elderly being grouped into tables of eight together with the volunteers.

It was rewarding to see the elderly being active and excited about winning together as a team! The Photobooth was another element popular amongst the elderly. This year, all the props were being handmade with love by our very own volunteers. It was gratifying to see that the elderly were so happy to hold one in each hand when they took photos with their friends and us! Dinner was soon served under a jovial ambience while we interacted and conversed with the elderly in our groups. 2016 is definitely yet another memorable year for us, volunteering at 318A and spending quality time with the elderly in this special season.

Voices of some volunteers

    • Mei Mui (Regular volunteer): 开心见到那些因现在有女佣帮忙,而少见的居民.透过这个party可以再次向他们表达关心,虽然他们有些也忘记自己,但感觉好像老朋友重逢! (As some of the elderly now have helpers, we had less chance to see them during the weekly visits. I’m glad to see them through this party and express my care for them again. Although some have forgotten me, but it felt like I was reuniting with my long-time friends!)
    • Wei Kit (Photobooth): I am so happy that I can celebrate Christmas with the elderly, especially when I saw all of them taking pictures with smiling faces. It let me understand that happiness can exist even in old age. I give thanks that I can have a great time in this meaningful Christmas party.
    • Qi Mei (Ukulele): It was a very meaningful noon with the elderly. I likes the way how we interacted with the elderly, making they involved in the games organized. Is an interaction not only between the volunteers with elderly, but also elderly with the elderly. Efforts of volunteers undergoing practices for instruments, dancing and organizing for elderly is totally worth it when we are able to bring a smile on their face.
    • Timothy (Photographer): Nothing brings more joy than to see the smile on the residents’ faces. I am honoured to capture these precious moments.