Singapore – Light and Love Charity

On Christmas Eve, 24th December 2013, we went caroling at Jurong East Avenue 1 Block 318A for 31 households, many of which are stay-alone elderly. We brought along musical instruments such as the guitar, flute, ukulele and shakers to bring out the joyous atmosphere. Many of the elderly enjoyed the caroling session a lot, with some singing and clapping along with us and others even touched to tears in the midst of the songs. We were really happy to bring to the elderly the festive warmth and joy!

Some feedback from our volunteers:
  • “I was overjoyed to see that our volunteers’ songs made the elderly happy.”
    – Fung Yuen Ha
  • “I am captured by the scene that our volunteers played the instruments and sang loudly with passion and joy.”
    – Wong Kuk Fong
  • “I treasure this opportunity to sing carols to the elderly on Christmas Eve. When I was young, I found it warm and peaceful to see people singing carols on the street. Now, I can bring such warmth and peace to the elderly through carols! Their joy greatly encouraged me.”
    – Yip Fung Ha