Singapore – Light and Love Charity

December Visits 2023

The last visit of 2023 has to be our annual Christmas Caroling! Bringing to 318A our smiles and jolly songs! Shoutout to all our volunteers for the great work and contribution in 2023! All of you made an impact!

November Visits 2023

Time flies and it’s already the second last visit of the year! Thank you for all the shared laughters and joy, counting down to the last one for the year

October Visits

It is better to give than to receive, this is true! Thank you volunteers for taking time every month to share the love and joy in your heart to our 318A folks!

September Visits

Our little volunteers are always bringing energy and smiles to those around them! Thank you for sending lanterns and love

August Visits

This month, we brought along some handmade flowers to our visits Hope everyone liked them! It’s always a delightful time with our volunteers and 318A folks!

July Visits

Thank you to our volunteers for bringing smiles to many of the residents at 318A. We appreciate you! See you next month!

June Visits

Happy volunteers, happy friends! Join us to build a caring and loving community

318A May Visits

May visits Hello again to our 318A friends!! It is heart warming to see so many passionate volunteers to join us on our Sunday visits! Children, professionals, young couples, families, let’s all go spread some love together!

Wonderful Sunday Afternoon At 318A

Yet another wonderful Sunday afternoon at 318A The elderly are always so happy to see and receive our volunteers! Join us on our monthly visits to bring more smiles and laughter to our community #sundayvisit #loveissharing #sundayafternoon #volunteering #volunteeringopportunities #lightandlove

Mid-Autumn Festival Activities

Sharing our creativity, warmth and smiles in the past month as we spread the love to the community at 318A in celebration of Mid-Autumn festival Check out the beautiful hand-painted fans and calligraphy that were handcrafted by our volunteers!