Singapore – Light and Love Charity

In the past two months, our primary and secondary school volunteers were able to make different handicrafts to show our care and support to the kidney patients from the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). They also had a virtual interview with a kidney patient, who is also a volunteer, to know more about the challenges and difficulties that a kidney patient would face. Below are some feedback from our young volunteers:


#Secondary 3-Clarie: “Mdm Margaret has inspired me to do more volunteering work. For her age, she should be retiring now and resting at home…… I feel that she is also very cheerful and positive when I talk to her and this helps me to be positive to face the challenges in my life.”


##Secondary 3-Nivetha: “I was impressed that [Mdm Margaret] is still doing volunteering work despite her physical condition. She encourages me to continue doing volunteering work as well. The whole experience was very interesting and informative.”


###Secondary 4-Yuxin: “[Mdm Margaret] is still very positive and persistent to live her life to the fullest and not to think that [having kidney failure] is the end of the world… She inspired me to continue to learn new things and be positive about my life.”


Lastly, we would like to thank Ms Regine from NKF who visited us on December 6 to give our volunteers a health talk.