Light and Love Photo Exhibition April 2017

The photo exhibition was a memorable experience for me. Although it was not a big scale event held in a fancy location, it was a reflection of how the content of the photos and real life stories behind them which touched people’s hearts. The new friends engaged themselves throughout the exhibition and the room became […]

2016 Calendar Sale

We are having a calendar sale from now on till early January 2016 to raise funds for the Light and Love Home Worldwide Charity Fund. In particular, we want to support the building of the Light and Love School in Yangon, Myanmar. In Myanmar, many of the public schools are below standard, with class size […]

No strangers in the World

“No Strangers in the World” is the theme for our Photograph Presentation this year, which was held at the Suntec City from 14th June to 15th June. The photographs were taken by a volunteer from Vancouver at the 16 regions with Light and Love Charity Services. Every photograph has a special story and together with […]

Continuous support on construction of new Nepal Children Home

Besides raising funds for the Nepal children home building project, Light & Love Charity volunteers of various professional backgrounds also contributed their time and skills in supporting the project. These included Structural Engineers from Taiwan and Singapore volunteering and working with an Architect from Vancouver, a volunteer with affiliated organization of Light and Love Home […]

Music Concert @ NTU Alumni Club, Singapore

On the 8th and 9th of June 2013, Light and Love Charity in collaboration with Overseas Mission Christian Fellowship, Light and Love Home Vancouver, Life Spring Publisher and Church of God in Hong Kong organized two music concerts in the NTU Alumni Club in Singapore. The inaugural event received overwhelming positive feedback. Volunteers worked together […]

Charity CD project, Singapore

In June 2013, Light and Love Charity volunteers participated in a charity CD project. Volunteers from many countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Nepal, Africa, Canada and Australia, jointly organized this international project. Ms Tallin Ang, a volunteer with Light and Love Charity, recorded the Chinese version of the “Open Your Eyes” at the […]

Donation & Sponsorship

Every penny of your donation goes directly to fund charitable services and programs worldwide. We are committed to a ZERO Administrative Fee policy. Children Home Education Community Service Scholarship Light and Love Home Scholarship Nepal Nepal Fiji Nepal Madagascar Madagascar Zambia Madagascar Honduras Fiji Indonesia India Philippines Zambia China If you wish to sponsor an […]