Singapore – Light and Love Charity

We are having a calendar sale from now on till early January 2016 to raise funds for the Light and Love Home Worldwide Charity Fund.

In particular, we want to support the building of the Light and Love School in Yangon, Myanmar.

In Myanmar, many of the public schools are below standard, with class size of as many as 80 students and school fees are highly variable, making it hard for poor families to afford education for their children. Some children are unable to go to school as a result of poverty.

Light & Love has purchased a piece of land in a slum area in Dagon Seikan, Yangon, Myanmar and is planning to build a primary school in this community of approximately 70,000 residents.

Our local volunteers have visited the slum area back in September to understand the needs of the community and also to attend the opening ceremony of the local children home.

For more information and updated news on the building of the school, please refer to:

To order the calendars, please send an email to with your name, phone number and no. of calendars. We would be in touch with you shortly.