Singapore – Light and Love Charity

On September 9, Light and Love Charity organised a trip to the Jurong Bird Park. In total, 17 children, 5 parents and 4 volunteers participated in this fun-filled day.

The first performance, ‘Kings of the skies’ was a splendid showcase of the birds of prey and we were ‘wow-ed’ by the eagles which were flying so low and skillfully that they seems to be just a inch above our heads!

After the performance, we headed over to the feeding session of Penguins and we were exhilarated to know that we could also feed the penguin by donating to the Bird Park’s conservation program. Some of us donated and the avian keeper gave us a few fishes to feed the penguin. It was a joy to watch the penguins walking up to us to get the fishes!

We then went to our second performance ‘High Flyers Show’. The highlight of the show was hearing a parrot sings ‘Rasa Sayang’ and a few other local folk songs. It was very funny and adorable and made everyone in the group laughed.

After the show, we walked around and visited the bird exhibits. In the Lory loft, we were able to purchase some food to feed the lovely lories, all of the kids were excited and enjoyed getting up-close with the lories. We also got to learn interesting facts about birds as revealed to us by the avian keepers. Learning in the nature with friends is fun!

Our trip comes to an end at our last station – the breeding and research centre. It was wonderful to see the incubation room, where eggs were hatched, and the nursery, where young birds received special care from avian keepers.

The trip was all in all an enjoyable and memorable one despite the rain. It was great that we could make new friends and get to have fun with each other. At the same time, we gained more knowledge about birds and are delighted by the several close encounters with them.

Light and Love Charity hopes to organise similar trips and is planning an upcoming outing to the Singapore Zoo. Stay tuned for more exciting news!