Singapore – Light and Love Charity

2021’s Mid-Autumn festival was especially warm to us and the stay-alone elderly at 318A as our volunteers brought them face masks, snacks, and hand-made lanterns to celebrate Mid-Autumn. 

Due to safety precautions in the midst of the pandemic, our volunteers were separated into small teams and each team could only visit one household. However, our volunteers were enthusiastic during the visits and enjoyed the short chat with the elderly. Abbie, one of our volunteers, who was previously an art teacher, shares her experience:

“This is my second time volunteering as an art teacher. I taught families how to make lanterns for the elderly this time. I am so grateful that I can contribute to Light and Love Charity’s efforts. When my teammate and I prepared for the Zoom art lesson, we had to decide what to teach and tried many different types of papers. We also had to prepare and send all the materials to the families beforehand. Although it took a lot of time, we really enjoyed the process. We believe that it was worth it as we could share our love with the elderly and warm their hearts. 

When I visited the elderly with other volunteers, I felt touched when the seniors showed care and concern for me and other volunteers too. We had simple friendly chats and brought them snacks. I’m glad we could make them happy and feel warm. Remember: ‘Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something.’ Let’s care for the elderly around you!”

Thank you to our volunteers for their care and love for the elderly, your efforts have brought smiles to their faces and sweetness in their hearts!