Singapore – Light and Love Charity

On 7th of April, our volunteers organised an event focused on healthy living for the elderly. This event was truly a breakthrough as we had our volunteers from 7 different countries like Philippines, Canada, Vietnam and United States to join us. The day was filled with many exciting performances which brought much joy to the elderly. Mr. Soh, a TCM practitioner, also shared health tips like neck exercises. All in all, the event was a huge success. A big thank you to the following sponsors who supported this event:



-Mdm Chen Rui Jiao

-Tan Yong Seng Chicken Supplier

Reflections by our volunteers: 

“Light and Love charity gave me the opportunity to contribute for the community. I, myself, really appreciate the chance provided by the charity organization.  It’s an enriching and meaningful experience. After all, getting to see smiling faces not only on the volunteers but also the elderlies delighted the whole experience. Although the carnival isn’t as big as the carnivals outside, I felt that the purpose of bonding and interacting was achieved.” – Teddy (IB1 Student Volunteer)

“Though the 2 seniors I talked to at the end of event did not understand Chinese, they were happy and enjoyed talking to me. I felt an inexpressible joy which was more satisfying than the food. I am glad to have spent time with them.” – Tuhien (Volunteer from Vancouver)