Singapore – Light and Love Charity

Last Saturday, 20th December 2014 was a very meaningful day for many volunteers who have come together for the annual caroling at block 318A at the Yuhua Neighbourhood. What makes it different this year around is the additional present giving at the nearby block 373 which houses needy people who are not necessarily elderly.

Christmas has always held a special position in the hearts of our volunteers and we are grateful to be able to bring the good tidings to people and also act on our spirit of giving during our caroling. Through the singing of Christmas Carols and casual chatting with the elderly at 318A, we reminded ourselves the true meaning of Christmas. By giving presents at block 373, we are able to show our compassion for the needy in our community and also do our part as responsible members of the society.

All in all, it was a fulfilling afternoon and an eye opening experience for many of our volunteers, especially our youth who are not used to the living environment of the elderly and the needy. The smiles on the faces of our beneficiaries are the best repayment for our efforts and this memory will stay in our minds for a long time to come.