Singapore – Light and Love Charity

Christmas is a joyous occasion when we spread love to the people around us.

On 14th December 2013, Light and Love Charity organised an early Christmas celebration for the home-alone elderly residing in Blk 318A. On that day, many of the elderly came earlier than the specified time and the 120 seats were quickly filled. We had a series of performances and games lined up for the elderly. They were very attentive and participated actively during the games and lucky draws. The smiles on their faces when they received a prize were really priceless!

The smiles from the elderly touched the volunteers. It’s very rewarding for the volunteers as they experienced personally how their efforts can bring so much joy and warmth to the elderly. The Christmas celebration ended with a meal served to the elderly by our volunteers. While eating, our volunteers had an opportunity to chat with them. Many of the elderly were very happy and expressed their heartfelt thanks to us.

Overall, this was a very successful event and we hope to have more of such events in the future so that we can continue to share the love and joy from God to them.

Some feedback from our volunteers:
  • “I am happy to see the volunteers involving themselves in the event”
    – Fung Yuen Ha
  • “I am happy to join this Christmas party and I enjoy a lot working with other volunteers to bring joy to the elderly. Knowing that the residents appreciate our services, I am deeply encouraged to continue as a volunteer.”
    – Ma Mei Mui
  • “It was the most unforgettable and joyous Christmas celebration with many elderly in my life of 54 years so far. It is absolutely right that to give is more blessed than to receive. I enjoyed the event very much, far beyond my expectation.”
    – Kinson Wan
  • “It was a pleasant surprise that the elderly had been seated and looked forward to our party even before our scheduled time. I am happy to see them joyfully participating in the games and performances. The party is filled with joy and warmth. I enjoyed it!”
    – Fung Yuk Wa
  • “I enjoyed the whole process of bringing joy to the elderly. Just the sight of elated elderly made me feel contented! It is indeed our pleasure to share the joy of Christmas!”
    – Fiona Leung
  • “Volunteering and spending Christmas with this group of lively elderly was really meaningful. I felt a sense of satisfaction when they spoke to me and thanked me for being part of the event.”
    – Nicholas Neo