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Every penny of your donation goes directly to fund charitable services and programs worldwide. We are committed to a ZERO Administrative Fee policy.

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If you wish to sponsor an orphan or a student, please complete the Sponsorship Form

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Light and Love Charity Sponsorship and Scholarship Programs:

Children’s Home Sponsorship

  • Children in the Children’s Home may be orphans or from single-parent or poverty stricken families. Your participation is something they rely on.
  • Your support provides for the children’s clothing, food, education, medical care and other enrichment activities.
  • You will be able to contact the child you sponsor and on a regular basis receive updates from the Children’s Home.

Educational Sponsorship

  • Provides subsidies to enable primary and secondary students from poor families to continue their studies by helping them cover school tuition, transportation costs and other education related fees.

Community Service Scholarship

  • Encourages the civic-mindedness of students. Recipients need to complete a specified number of hours of community service to receive the scholarship.

Light & Love Home Scholarship

  • Provides funding for students of character and academic excellence to continue their post-secondary education. Helping to train, develop and enable promising youths to become pillars of society.