Singapore – Light and Love Charity

On 14 December 2019, we had 20 volunteers coming from Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore celebrated Christmas together with the villagers at Batu Aji (in Batam). We made home visits, gave an eye-care talk, played group games and danced with the children. Many volunteers enjoyed the personal interaction with the locals.
One volunteer shared that this trip was a memorable experience in her life.  She would never forget the smiles of the children when they received the gifts from her. Our small effort can indeed put a bright smile on each of their faces!
Another volunteer was very involved during home visiting and he gained a deeper understanding of the lives of the locals.
Lastly, a big thank you to:  NUH volunteers for sharing eye care to the villagers; NTU students for sponsoring stationery and bags; and LLC members for sponsoring rice, oil, flour, toys and small gifts!