Singapore – Light and Love Charity

  1. My experience in Calocaan, Philippines had been a really personal and impactful one. Being there alone with no fellow volunteers from Singapore, I had some doubts about the days I will spend there. Contrary to my initial fears, I’m blessed with how friendly the locals are. They made me feel like a member of their family. This trip taught me how to open up as an individual and most importantly to treasure my relationship with those who have the same heart and same mind as me. – Amos
  2. This trip to Caloocan, Philippines is the second longest volunteering trip I have ever taken, having been to Philippines, Myanmar and South Africa previously. To be honest, compared to all the other trips, I thought this trip was the most challenging. Life in Philippines as a volunteer was back to basics and down to fundamentals, and the physical environment was not the most comfortable. Furthermore, serving a community in a different culture for a period of time requires patience and understanding and in this trip, there were conflicts or misunderstandings arising from some innocent mistakes. Yet it is in this simplicity and through the multiple embarrassing but hilarious falls that I learn and grow stronger. Looking back, other than climbing avocado and cocoa trees and buying groceries at the wet market alone with a limited vocabulary in Tagalog, there weren’t many exhilarating or especially memorable moments; but there were many short, tiny heart-warming moments when I opened my heart and also understood the expressions of love from the beneficiaries in Philippines. These beautiful scenes interweave to form a beautiful story of love and care which surpasses national, cultural and linguistic boundaries. Amidst all these challenges and troubles, I really learned to appreciate what I have and what many take for granted, a bedroom, desk, closet, etc. I treasure the volunteers who gave up what they have to serve the local community in Philippines. It takes great courage and determination to leave one’s family and home, to serve a different people, from a different culture and, in a different nation. These “seniors” in volunteering are my great examples and motivation, guiding me in becoming wiser and happier in my volunteering journey.At the end, many people laugh at us for finding trouble for myself, viewing our decisions as errors in judgment. But I know what I want in my life – I’ve decided to play my part to build a brighter future and eternity for the many needy in this world. A volunteer said something like this when we had a chat, “Once you stepped on this path, you will never turn back.” I think what I’ve put in was all worth it, I cannot bear to stop, I will never regret. – Enoch
  3. My recent volunteer trip to Philippines was very fulfilling. I had the chance to interact with the beneficiaries of Light and Love’s Scholarship Programme, allowing me to understand the challenges they faced before receiving the sponsorship, how the sponsorship has helped them and their family, and more importantly, let their stories motivate myself to study harder and work harder. One of the main highlights of the trip is visiting the homes of the beneficiaries. It was an eye opener- I saw for myself their living conditions, which gave me greater drive to participate and contribute to Light and Love charity events. – Chung Lok